The role of a religious institution in the developing and functioning of social and economic sphere (the case of the Roman Catholic church of the Philippines)

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The subject of the research includes features of demonstration and influence of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) on social and economic processes in the Philippines. The purpose of the research is elicitation of country's predominant religious institution’s role in the functioning of the social sphere and some sectors of the economy through the example of the Roman Catholic Church of Philippines. Research hypothesis: the model of the Philippines confessional space functioning, where the history of Catholicism spread is exactly 500 years, is unique for the Asia-Pacific region, and the RCC significantly affects not only the culture and mentality of the population, but also the socio-economic sphere, providing a significant portion of needs for social infrastructure. Aspects of the influence of the RCC of the Philippines on certain sectors of the economy are considered in detail: in particular, on the development of religious tourism of an excursion and educational orientation. Based on the analysis of the reporting data of nonprofit Catholic organizations and other official statistical information, as well as the results of in-depth interviews with representatives of the RCC of the Philippines, the main features of the implementation of the religious Institute in the country are identified.


Confessional space, catholic church, tertiary industry, religious organization, philippines, diocese, religious institute, religious and educational tourism, market diversification, tourism services

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IDR: 140249850   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2020-10304

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