Typology of ensuring competitiveness of small innovative and large business

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At the present stage of development of economy by the main criterion of its efficiency competitiveness is. In process of involvement of Russia in world economic communications the accent in questions of competitiveness moves on the enterprises of small innovative business and to large economic entities. In this article the typology of ensuring competitiveness of small innovative and large business on the basis of forms of their interaction as one of competitiveness methodology elements is considered. The classifications of the competition and competitiveness offered by various authors that is obvious from the material given in article, have something in common with each other. Formation of the competitive relations promotes creation of the developed, civilized market that includes various spheres of managing. Thanks to active interest in problems of increase of competitiveness of subjects of small innovative and large business who arose in a consequence of development of the market relations, there was a large number of the development directed on the solution of this methodological problem. The typology of researches is one of the key moments of methodology of research. Researches can be different. It is necessary to see and understand this variety to choose the ensuring competitiveness of small innovative and large business, most suitable to process. It is possible to order all set of the most various types of researches in the table of the typological analysis. It represents dichotomizing representation of various types of ensuring competitiveness allocated by various criteria. Criteria reflect the main characteristics of research and its practical requirements. In conclusion of consideration of historical prerequisites to formation of ideas of the competition we will note that ideas of the competition evolved owing to complication of the social economic relations in society. Thus, now in social and economic space it is possible to meet manifestation of variety of types of competitiveness in various markets. And, the competition in any market during the concrete period of time and in relation to a concrete subject of the competition proves. In one market only one specific competition of any classification and some specific competitiveness of components its typology can prove.


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