Transformation of wavy way in Salerno gulf

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We must start to explain few but important information about maritime engineering. This is a part of hydraulics that studies the features of the wavy way and the interaction between waves and structures near the coasts.The waves have an energy formed by two components, one potential and another kinetics; the first depend on altitude of the liquid surface respect to the state of quiet, the second depend on the movement of the liquid particles. In this case, the study is focused on wind-generated waves, they are waves of gravity and they contain waves of very different dimensions between them. The wind gives energy to the sea with tangential actions to the wave profile and, for this reason, there is the making of the waves; however the wind can have different directions and time of propagation so, if waves have already generated the same direction of the wind they will grow in size but, if the wind have opposite direction there will be new waves that flatten preexisting waves. Finally, another important information about the wavy way is that waves are generated far from the coast, with small dimension and with different directions but, when they are closer to the coast the size increase and the direction becomes the same.


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