Management of the Company’s Financial Resources to Optimize their Value

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Th e ultimate goal of any business is to achieve the effi ciency of its activities, which is largely determined by the company’s ability to generate profi ts. To assess this opportunity, there is a need for competent fi nancial management of the organization, which allows you to determine the stability of the income received, the productivity of the costs incurred, and the effi ciency of the company as a whole. Th e fi nances of the organization associated with the formation, movement and use of funds in the form of income, receipts or savings are represented by the fi nancial resources of the company. Consequently, the study of the methodological aspects of the management of fi nancial resources of companies is necessary for every manager or owner of organizations in order to optimize their value


Fi nancial resources of enterprises, fi nancial management, fi nances, economic effi ciency.

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IDR: 148322483   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V9276.21.04.P.055

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