Management by the value of enterprise

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The management of the enterprise's value is largely aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of the enterprise. The search for new methods and techniques for managing the property complex faces a number of problems that are a promise of developing scientific approaches to the development of new progressive methods of making managerial decisions. The article considers alternative options for improving the quality of enterprise management and suggests the direction of improving the organization’s cost management system. A number of limiting factors, which allowed the author to determine the target indicators of the presented model, determines the presented objective function of enterprise value. It is permissible to change and expand the composition of the indicators and the approaches used to assess the value of the enterprise. The recommended model allows determining the reserves of increasing the efficiency of the enterprise, affecting the value of the property complex. Dependence of the singled out evaluation criteria and the targets of strategies for increasing the value of enterprises is indicated. The main stages of the enterprise value management process are considered as a single concept of increasing the current value of the organization. The characteristic of the concept of management aimed at creating value - Value Based Management (VBM) is presented. The main principles of VBM aimed at qualitative improvement of strategic and operational decisions at all levels of management of the organization are singled out. Article considers the technology of introducing a cost management system based on the example of a construction organization. The main stages of enterprise cost management aimed at long-term sustainable growth in the value of the organization are identified. Particular attention is paid to the stages of analysis of the contribution of production and management units to the total value of the enterprise and the formation of a group of performance indicators and the effectiveness of the enterprise value management system. Place and role of operational control over the value of assets and the use of management personnel are indicated. Importance of the enterprise value management system as an instrument of maximizing its market value is proved.


The valuation of the enterprise, market value of the company, the concept value based management, management by the value

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IDR: 140229776   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-1-485-489

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