Influence of intensive power loading on the level of special preparedness in weightlifters

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The aim of the investigation is to reveal the influence of intensive power trainings in the mezocycle structure on the level of special preparedness in weightlifters. 14 weightlifters, 8 candidate masters of sport and 6 first - rate athletes participated in the research. All of them had been training for 3 mezocycles after 2 month break. Average training cycle (mezocycle) covers 6 microcycles. Each of them consisted of a cumulation and a rehabilitation part. Power aimed training sessions with big loading comprised the cumulation part. The rehabilitation part included middle and small loadings with the speed- power accent. After the intensive power loading experience during three mezocycles the average value of the standing high jump has increased by 5 sm (7%). The largest increase of the index was revealed in the second mezocylce - by 3 sm (5 %). The average weight of the barbell in the basic power exercises is positively connected with the level of the speed-power preparedness in weightlifters.


Mezocycle, power training, training facilities, amount of loading, level of special preparedness

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