The influence of a complex antioxidant product, containing superoxide dismutase on various types of athletes’ physical development of power

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The paper presents the results of studying the influence of a complex specialized food product (dietary supplement for food) «Fit Tonus», containing superoxide dismutase on aerobic, anaerobic performance and special athletes’ physical development of power. The work shows that the use of the complex food product «Fit Tonus» had the greatest stimulating effect on the rates of athletes' anaerobic performance in maximum anaerobic power testing. According to the results of measuring these rates before and after a 2-week course of taking the complex specialized food product «Fit Tonus», it was possible to reveal a significant (by 30%) increase in the achieved maximum power of the load and the time of its retention. It led to a significant increase of the performed load volume. The work also shows that the «physiological cost» is reliably reduced in specialized field tests in football players. That indicates an increase in their anaerobic capacity. The authors associate this progress with the antioxidant effect of superoxide dismutase and other components of «Fit Tonus».


Complex antioxidant product, superoxide dismutase, special athletes' physical development of power, aerobic and anaerobic performance

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