Impact of staff loyalty on the formation of customer loyalty

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The article discusses the satisfaction of employees, which affects customer satisfaction through quality service, which ultimately leads to higher financial results. Currently, in most cases, attraction of new customers is more expensive than retaining old ones, therefore the formation of loyalty has become an important task of each organization. The success of the organization depends not only on customer loyalty, but loyalty of staff and, moreover, one is connected with other. The employee, loyal to his company always strives to present the organization with the best hand; he is more involved in the proposed product or service. Accordingly, the consumer, feeling such commitment and sincerity towards the company from its employees, receives at least positive feelings from communication, and a maximum more quickly decides to purchase, and encourages the organization and the employee his friends and, most importantly, becomes more loyal. Satisfaction and loyalty of employees are the main factors that affect a customer loyalty and, consequently, the overall effectiveness of the organization. It starts from the assumption that the employees have the same characteristics as the customers (satisfaction, involvement, loyalty), and the company, as in the case with customers, interested in long-term relationships with them. In this case, employees spread values of the organization in the external environment, interacting not only with existing customers of the company, but also engaging new customers.


Personnel loyalty, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction

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IDR: 14058003   |   DOI: 10.12737/19179

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