Incluence of technico-tactical actions done by football players aged 15-16 of different game ampoule on the result of a match

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Competitive Activity in football playing determines the number of game holds done by football players on the pitch. There are no exact data concerning the content of technical actions done by different game ampoule players, influencing on the match result most of all. Pedagogical observations football players aged 15-16 competitive activity were carried out in the period from 1993 to 2008. The composition of game holds, which were used by different game ampoule football players, influencing the match result has been found. Methods of how to apply technical actions during the match by players possessing different game ampoule have been investigated. Technico-tactical actions for every game ampoule influencing the result of the team playing have been revealed as well.


Football, ampoule, result, technique

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