Effects of recreational activities on the state of children with disabilities

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The healthy life is the most compound element of common culture. The Physical Training and Sport assist in health forming of future specialist. The article presents the experience of working on the formation of communicative skills of children with complex structure of the defect in the process of their socialization at preschool institutions. Properly organized physical education enables children to acquire the skills and mastery of the variety of motor skills and control their movements in a variety of conditions of motor practice. By means of tests one can study the effectiveness of various programs and methods of education, to find out how they contribute to the intellectual development of children, and to identify an underdevelopment. Raven Coloured matrix enables to determine the ability to analyze the learning skills and identify the formation of such mental processes as attention, memory, thinking in their visual-shaped component. A child with disabilities is in need of special treatment. The effective management of his personality formation requires deep knowledge of the psychological patterns explaining the specifics of child development at all age levels. Child study implies the provision of concrete assistance to him. Therefore, diagnostic work is closely connected with the educational and corrective work. It is the foundation on the basis of which an interaction with the child is built in various areas of his life. Reliable results in the study of pre-school children can only be obtained when the methods used to get the social and psychological information about the child will be attrac tive for them to maintain their interest throughout the research process. The use of new rehabilitation technologies with the active participation of parents in the rehabilitation process allows us to achieve the objectives, correct movement and speech disorders of a child, to recover his somatic sphere, which ultimately contributes to his maximum adaptation.


Therapeutic physical training, specialists training, education system, health, damage the musculoskeletal system, physical development, child''s cerebral

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