An effect of pre-sowing laser seed treatment on development and growth of cucumber seedlings of ‘Ceres F1’

Автор: Krylov O.N.

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Статья в выпуске: 3 (36), 2017 года.

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From both scientific and industrial point of view it is very important to resolve the question on influence of presowing optical seed treatment by coherent radiation on cultivation of seedlings, particularly at the stage when shoot appeared and early development. Results of the study carried out in climatic chamber at the department of Engineering Protection of Enviroment at Udmurt University on dynamic of development of cucumber shoots in variety ‘Ceres F1’ was presented in this work. The pre-sowing seed treatment was performed using the instrument ‘Luch-2’. In the course of research a time of shoot emergence (loops), a time cotyledonary leaf unfolding, height of plants, a time of true leaf emergence, and size of the leaves were registered in periodicity of every four hours in the daytime. The pre-sowing optical seed treatment affected on all parameters of development registered. The improvements in development of seedlings, by 17 hours earlier, and full development of cotyledon leaves, by 27 hours earlier than in control variant were seen in plants grown from seed that passed the treatment. At the same time these plants were 12-27% higher, had 12-16% larger surface area of 1-2 true leaves. The observations that were carried out allowed to determine the variants of pre-sowing optical seed treatment, providing the improved characteristics in plant development. The different regimes of pre-sowing optical seed treatment with coherent radiation provoked the different plant responses.


Laser pre-sowing treatment, coherent radiation, influence on the development of plants, development parameters

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