The influence of filtration process on the content of minerals in the functional beverage of adaptogenic action

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The market of functional nutrition in Russia has been analyzed. The level of diseases associated with the nervous system and brain is actively growing in Russian Federation. World Health Organization (WHO) predicted, brain diseases and mental disorders will enter the five diseases leading to disability in 2020 year. The market of non-alcoholic and functional beverages (FB), which can help for solving this health’s problem, is negligible. A functional bevarage with adaptogenic action based on fruit and berry raw materials and dry plant extracts for the prevention of brain diseases, in particular, the limbic system, as well as the nervous system, has been developed. The functional beveragewas examined in scientific work for the content of macro elements and trace elements. The filtration process is necessary to improve the microbiological stability of FB of adaptogenic action and consumer properties. During the experiment, the effects of the filtration process (one of the most important technological process) on the content of mineral elements were studied. As the most appropriate and rational type of filtration for the drink, microfiltration was chosen.The filters were selected in accordance with the regimes and requirements characteristic of microfiltration process. The content of macro elements and trace elements was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy using flame atomization on a Shimadzu AA 6300 spectrophotometer, (Japan). The values of the concentration of mineral substances in the functional beverage were compared before and after the microfiltration process. According to the results of measurements, the content of potassium remained unchanged and the content of copper and iron fell by 19.5 and 79.6 percent, respectively. Reducing the concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sodium and manganese are included in the measurement error intervals. The results obtained make it possible to analyze the losses of mineral substances and determine the required amount of drink to ensure of daily requirements of the organism in macro elements and trace elements.


Functional beverage, stimulation of brain and nervous system activity, content of macronutrients and trace elements, atomic absorption spectroscopy, microfiltration

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IDR: 140229955   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-168-172

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