The influence of psychomotor abilities on physical state of the students of technical college

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The article discusses the features of psychomotor development of the students, organism development processes, strengthening of human skeletal muscle, the formation of motor analyzer organization, which is the basis of psychological processes formation. Psychomotor process is the process of summarizing the mind with its expression - muscle movement. Laws of psychomotor processes are particularly important in the study and development of production processes. The element of human psychomotor activity is the psychomotor or motor action, which is the solution of a simple task by one or more movements. Motor actions, developing in the course of domestic or training exercise, called psychomotor skills. In each movement, in which psychomotor process is implemented, one can distinguish its three sides: mechanical, physiological and psychological. Psychomotor ability plays a significant role in sports and sports activities as a human relationship of the mental processes with the actions and movements. Improving the system of students’ sports and technical skills development depends on the solution of the issues of capabilities’ diagnostics and the development of scientific bases.


Students, continuing education, psychomotor abilities, motor analyzers of the cerebral cortex

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