Educatory potential of physical exercises in the process of water sports activities

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The research, which was being done in the Siberian State University of Science and Technology named after Academician M.F. Reshetnev in 2018-2019 academic year, has contributed to the improving of the educational process of students' physical education in swimming, through the tasks, developing willpower. Besides the development of physical and volitional qualities, the experimental process had an educational orientation. Namely, students' attitude to the army service and Fatherland defense was considered. As a result of experimental work, the control group of students has reached a higher level of physical readiness and had a better attitude to the Russian army and Fatherland defense. A similar study was conducted from September 2014 to September 2015 in groups of athletes, engaged in synchronized swimming. Similar methods of development of volitional qualities were used. Also, a special course was used for educational purposes at various training courses during trips in the training process. The educational moment, aimed at attitude to the army and Fatherland defense, was essential in this experimental work. During this period of time, the synchronized athletes have showed high results, which indicates the external validity of our experiments.


Swimming, education, protection, fatherland, students

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