Interrelation of adaptable potential and emotional burning out of field hockey sportswomen

Автор: Barabanov A., Veprinceva N.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

Рубрика: Психология

Статья в выпуске: 1, 2012 года.

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The actuality of a problem of burning out of high qualification sportsmen is connected with its negative consequences: motivation decrease to trainings, efficiency of training and competitive activity, premature leaving sport. The estimation results of emotional burning out and adaptable potential of field hockey sportswomen during a year cycle are presented in this research. Numerous interrelations between these indices are exposed. Possible preventive measures of emotional burning out of sportsmen are discussing.

Female field hockey, adaptable potential, emotional burning out, operative and regular control of sportsmen's psychoemotional condition, preventive measures of emotional burning out of sportsmen, psychocorrectional arrangements, efficiency of competitive activity


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