WOW service in the hospitality business: how to find the way to the heart of a guest

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Today, the hotel services market in our country is widely represented: there are a sufficient number of chain and independent hotels that provide high-quality service and have proven themselves not only among domestic consumers, but also among hoteliers noted by the world community. Despite the economic difficulties and existing restrictions due to the global geopolitical changes, the hotel business continues to develop dynamically. However, it is quite difficult for hospitality industry enterprises to compete in the existing conditions. The seasonality of consumer demand, the oversaturation of the market with typical services, the "sophistication" of the modern guest – all this makes it necessary to carefully study the various levers of influence on the client to attract his or her attention. The article discusses a modern approach to the interpretation of the concept of "WOW effect", determines the role and place of this service as the most effective marketing tool, substantiates the high importance of the WOW effect as an essential component of the experience economy. Since providing a personalized service in the hospitality industry is a rather complicated process, the authors pay to it considerable attention. The article also provides an analysis of the expert opinion of leading representatives of the hotel business, on the basis of which it can be concluded that the provision of a WOW service in a hotel is not always costly, often quite simple and very effective in terms of increasing consumer loyalty.


WOW effect, WOW service, personalized service, hospitality, experience economy

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IDR: 140297102   |   DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7806947

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