Interest of applicants of a physical education university in training program "Service and tourism"

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This article analyzes the interest of applicants in studying non-core for a physical culture university training program “Service and Tourism”. The author considers the results of a three-year survey of applicants to academic program “Service and Tourism” and “Physical culture and sport” for studying in consolidated groups at Institute of Tourism, Recreation, Rehabilitation and Fitness. The survey included the following questions: training programs and profiles that are of interest in applicants; form of learning; the possibility of training on a contractual basis; the existence of privileges when entering; interest in training on an accelerated educational programs; basic education of applicants. The article compares the results of the applicants survey and statistics of first year students, shows correlations between applicants questioning on selected training programs and the actual set, as well as between the applicants questioning on the selected profile (both individually and grouped in training program) and the actual set.


Institute of tourism, training program, profile, service and tourism, physical culture and sport, applicant, survey, occupational guidance for prospective students, motivation

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IDR: 140208445   |   DOI: 10.12737/20186

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