The lawyer’s complaint as an excuse to initiate discipleinary proceedings against lawyers for legislation in Ukraine and Russian Federation

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Purpose: Analyzis of the reason for the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer as an application (complaint) another lawyer. Methodology: The authors used formal legal method based on the consistency and comprehensiveness of its holding. Results: We concluded that both Ukrainian and Russian legislation the right to initiate the issue of disciplinary liability attorney granted to any other lawyer, regardless of whether a direct relationship between them. The conclusion about the feasibility of the existence of rules that provide an opportunity to resolve the contradictions between lawyers peacefully and within the internal system of self-government organization advocates, as it will be the key to avoid undermining the authority of public advocacy. Novelty/originality/value: The paper has a certain scientific value and important practical significance, because it contains a comprehensive study of the legal nature of the drive to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the lawyer as an application (complaint) another lawyer.


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