A Comprehensive Survey of Location Based Routing in Vehicular Networks

Автор: Vikram Dhiman, Ikjot Saini, Manoj Kumar

Журнал: International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT) @ijwmt

Статья в выпуске: 1 Vol.7, 2017 года.

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Vehicular network is the real time network formed by the highly dynamic nodes. This environment of VANET along with the fixed geographical mapping of roads slows down the delivery of the message in case of unicast and broadcast. When unicast is applied then the latency increases significantly as hop count increases. While broadcast make use of the network resources which degrades the performance by decreasing the efficiency of the network. However, multicast is proposed as the parameter to enhance the performance by introducing multicasting trees. This strategy is applied for maintaining the vehicular nodes in a multicast tree manner which will provide single path between two vehicles in the tree. Further, in case of the link failures, tree partitions and reconfiguration is needed this induces to have very low latency and reduces packet overhead. Various location based routing protocols are discussed which reveals different aspects and applications of variety of routing protocols relying on the location information.


LAR, Multicasting, VANET, Location based routing

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IDR: 15012972

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