A Data Analysis and Evaluation System on LabVIEW

Автор: Lu Qirong, Huang Yuanyuan, Wang Tao, Sun Lin

Журнал: International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME) @ijeme

Статья в выпуске: 1 vol.2, 2012 года.

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The concentration or composition of industrial waste gas is an important parameter in process industry. According to the required of an industrial waste gas monitor and control project a system of data analysis and display is designed based on LabVIEW. The system has 6 modules including error analysis, equal precision data processing, Non-precision data processing, uncertainty evaluation, least squares and regression analysis. Running results indicated that this system is steady and rapidly. It can be used to deal the concentration or composition data accurately in real-time and can be display the result by graph or character. Remarkably the system is designed by LabVIEW, it is easy to modify, upgrade and to use as a subVI in other LabVIEW control system.


Data analysis, uncertainty, LabVIEW, waste ga

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