A Framework of Network Virtual Experiments for Control Courses

Автор: Lu Jianfeng, Li Hongjun, Ma Yumin

Журнал: International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME) @ijeme

Статья в выпуске: 9 vol.2, 2012 года.

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With the development of computer science and Internet, using the virtual experiments to help improvement of teaching effects is becoming more and more popular. This paper describes a framework of virtual experiments for control courses in college. It includes three layers. The user interface layer bases on Flash technology, the data exchange layer bases on Webservice technology, the calculation module in data process layer bases on Modelica language. This framework provides a friendly user interface and solved the problem that the control experiments need multifarious calculation when simulation the real phenomenon. An example of virtual experiment is also be shown in the final of this paper. This framework can also be used for virtual experiments of other courses in college education.


Virtual expriment, virtual lab, modelica, control course

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