Actualization of regional standards for food products

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The article deals with the analysis of current trends faced when interstate standards are developed. In the context of a new standard for food products, particularly for confectionery products, namely biscuits it’s shown that requirements, providing the product safety, consider the requirements of relevant Technical regulations of the Customs Union. Control methods and tools are significantly improved, mainly in terms of indicators which provide the product safety. The newly introduced standards for control methods are based on modern state-of-the-art devices and equipment of analytical control methods. The control methods are constantly improved and replaced by more accurate and universal ones. Sample preparation is improved when toxic elements are determined (GOST 26929). The calorimetric and polarographic methods are supplanted by atomic emission (GOST 30538), inversion voltammetric (GOST 31628), and atomic absorption (GOST 30178) methods, equipped with modern high-precision highly-automated devices, which guarantee repeatability of measurement conditions, automatic sample introduction and registration of measurement results, and priority-driven in the modern world market of analytical equipment. If the methods on the basis of international standards of ISO are used when microbiological indicators are identified, in case of toxic elements determination using the equipment of leading world producers, Russian working techniques are not harmonized with international standards of ISO. In accordance with the concept of development of the national standardization system of the Russian Federation for the period until 2020 the development of national standards in top-priority economic sectors should be performed on the basis of commonly accepted international standardization principles. Moreover, the harmonization of regional and national standards with international ones, which implies direct use of international standards, should be provided.


Regional standards, food products control methods, safety of food products, confectionery products

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IDR: 147160773   |   DOI: 10.14529/food150401

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