Alternative to the entropy increase principle

Автор: Valery A. Etkin

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Рубрика: Physics

Статья в выпуске: 49, 2020 года.

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The principle of entropy increase is discussed in the article from more general positions of thermokinetics as a theory generalizing non-equilibrium thermodynamics to reversible processes. Such an approach reveals the physical meaning of entropy as a thermoimpulse and proves its belonging to the same conserved quantities as the charge, the masses of the components, their impulses, and the quantities of motion. This reveals the inconsistency of the principle of entropy increase and the need to reformulate the 2nd law of thermodynamics without using the concept of entropy. The theory proposes non-entropic criteria of evolution and involution that can reflect the approach of a system to equilibrium or its distance from it for each degree of its freedom. It proves the inevitability of the occurrence of the circulation of matter and the entropy of the universe. The validity of these findings is confirmed by experimental and observational data.


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