Alternative to the theory of inversible processes

Автор: Valery A. Etkin

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Рубрика: Physics

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We propose a thermodynamic theory that does not exclude from consideration any (reversible or irreversible) part of the real processes of energy transfer and conversion. This is achieved by the fact that the main quantities used by the thermodynamics of irreversible processes (TIP) - forces and flows - are found in it not on the basis of the principle of increasing entropy, but from the law of conservation of energy. This way of constructing TIP prevents the occurrence of thermodynamic inequalities and allows one to substantiate all its provisions without invoking the postulates and considerations of a molecular-kinetic and statisticalmechanical nature. This opens up the possibility of further reducing the number of empirical coefficients and expanding the scope of TIP applicability to nonlinear systems and states that are far from equilibrium, as well as to energy conversion processes which are primarily of interest to power engineers, technologists, biophysicists and astrophysicists. At the same time, the unity of the laws of transformation of all forms of energy and the difference between their equations, reciprocity relations and efficiency criteria from the generally accepted ones are proved. On this basis, a theory of similarity of power plants is proposed and their universal load characteristics are constructed, which make it possible to take the next step towards bringing the results of the thermodynamic analysis of their efficiency closer to reality.


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