The analytical capabilities of the systems of artificial sense of smell and taste. Part 1. “Electronic nose”

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The first part of the analytical review presents the main directions of application of modern Multisensor systems such as "electronic nose". The review is based on the results of the umbrella search for information on the given words and phrases. Umbrella search has shown its effectiveness in organizing publications in the selected area, reducing the number of repetitive links and unrelated to the topic of the search. The search was carried out on the electronic catalogs of Russian and international search engines. The tendency of growth of interest to the chosen subject for the last 10 years is traced. Traditional research directions for artificial smell systems are noted. After a slight decline in 2005-2010, the share of work to address the challenges of improving quality and safety in all sectors of human activity, including the food industry, agriculture and the environment, is growing. Some solutions in the field of analysis of food products, raw materials, finished products are systematized...


E-nose, multisensor system, rapid diagnosis

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IDR: 140246398   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-3-236-241

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