Analysis of the annual dynamics of the accuracy of the execution of attacking strikes by students specializing in beach volleyball

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Relevance. Beach volleyball, as one of the varieties of volleyball, is a game in which, in order to achieve high sportsmanship, it is required to master the techniques perfectly, both in training and competitive activities. The issues of technical preparedness of athletes of various qualifications are disclosed in the special scientific and methodological literature in sufficient detail and thoroughly. However, only individual publications dedicated to student teams are noted, which does not provide a methodological component of the preparation of this category of athletes. An attacking strike is the main means of attack in beach volleyball, with the help of which the most points are earned during the match. The aim of the study is to assess the technical readiness of volleyball students based on the analysis of the accuracy of performing a direct offensive strike. Research methodology. The main research methods were: analysis of special scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical observations, control and pedagogical tests (tests), as well as methods of mathematical statistics. The article touches upon the problem of analyzing the technical readiness of students specializing in beach volleyball, the solution of which will significantly advance in the effectiveness of building a multi-year training process and achieve high competitive results. The results of the study indicate that the indicators of technical readiness of volleyball students, assessed by analyzing the accuracy of performing a direct offensive strike, significantly increase during the competitive period of the one-year training cycle. This trend is caused by a significant increase in the number of training tools aimed at improving technical and tactical skills, which makes it possible to achieve high sportsmanship in the process of competitive activity. In this regard, it should be recommended that coaches working with student teams pay closer attention during the one-year training to improving technical and tactical skills, which is an indicator of success in official competitions.


Students, beach volleyball, training activity, competitive process, technical readiness, offensive strike

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