Analysis to efficiency discrete covering worker organ when clearing vegetable raw material

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In article is executed analysis to efficiency of the functioning the cleansing equipment for different type vegetable cheese: potatoes, carrot, pommel and the other type potatoes. He is indicative of that that much of the cleansing equipment uses as worker organ abrasive put, which improvement is one of the directions of increasing to his efficiency and improvements of his field-performance data. Classical model of the motion club is considered In process of the analysis in camera of the cleansing machine. For optimization of the process peelings is installed path of the motion and is calculated corner of the flight club with cone-shaped chalice. When shaping the models is considered apart taken tuber of the potatoes. Expecting his uniform sphere and without regard influence upon it other club, have defined the path of his motion on cone-shaped chalice and corner, under which tuber flies to wall. The Corner of the slopping cone chalices 30 degrees took to horizon. Integrating equation on time, got the equation of the energy balance, from which possible select required for peelings time. The Further analysis conducted the methods of the numerical experiment in system Mathcad. Got in this experiment results allow to optimize the drawing a fixing abrasive bands, taking into consideration designed methods of the shaping for such object, as worker organs cleansing machines, technology of the intermittent fixing covering. The Following stage of modeling expected consideration of the process peelings for collection cleaned club, on which expected the separate cleaned objects (for instance, potato tubers) springy element, changing their (in flat production) hard disk united between itself springy spring. Consideration this elaborated models have allowed to install the frequencies of the free fluctuations of this system and, accordingly, moments of the osculation worker organ that in significant measure defines the topology of the abrasive covering.


Mechanical clear, abrasive covering, model of the process, own velocities of the fluctuation, topology of the covering

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IDR: 140229581   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2016-3-18-25

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