Analysis of main indicators of training loads of high-qualification female acrobats - representatives of women's groups in competitive preparation period

Автор: Bereslavskaya N., Pilyuk N., Svistun G., Zhigaylova L., Dvuzhilova А.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

Рубрика: Теория и методика спортивной тренировки

Статья в выпуске: 1, 2019 года.

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The article presents the results of the analysis of the working documentation of coaches and athletes, as well as own observation, which allow to apply knowledge in planning and regulation of training loads in the preparation of high qualification female acrobats - representatives of women’s groups. The range of tasks, consistently solved in the preparation periods and stages of female acrobats in a semiannual cycle has been determined. The quantitative values of indicators of their load in the competitive period of the semi-annual preparation cycle, built on the basis of the distribution of the competitions, presented in the Unified calendar plan of interregional all-Russian and international official physical education and sporting events have been analyzed. The duration of the competitive period of highly qualified female acrobats was 3 months, each stage of which ended with qualifying competitions for the championship of Russia of different rank, holding in one month or a month and a half from each other...


Competitive period, mesocycle (stage), training load, high qualification female acrobats, women's group exercises

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