Analysis of transport impact on recreational development in the Central Environmental Zone of the Baikal Natural Territory of Irkutsk Region and its cartography

Автор: Tsirenzhap B. Dashpilov

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Статья в выпуске: 3 (85), 2019 года.

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The development of tourist and recreational activities cannot exist without a stable transport infrastructure, therefore it is necessary to evaluate the possibilities of transport activity in the territory of the Central Ecological Zone of the Baikal Natural Territory (CEZ of the BNT). The article analyzes the transport infrastructure in the Central Ecological Zone of the Baikal Natural Territory within the boundaries of Irkutsk Region. The author considers the main types of transport system, their geographical location, as well as infrastructure facilities of transport in the territory of the CEZ of the BNT. The analysis of the length of public roads of regional and local significance is presented. The author estimates functioning of transport in the given territory for maintenance of development of tourist-recreational activity. The article analyzes volume of passengers carried by regular passenger routes and the number of passengers and vehicles transported by ferry crossings. The author identifies a number of problems, the solution of which is necessary for better service to the population and the economy. The article gives recommendations for solving problems and scenarios for the optimal development of transport in the CEZ of the BNT. For the complete analysis of the territory, geoinformation mapping of the transport of Irkutsk region's districts belonging to the Central Ecological Zone of the Baikal Natural has been carried out. It shows the main types of transport (railways, motor roads, waterways), temporary accessibility to the regional center and basic infrastructure facilities (stations, ports, piers, airports, runways, helipads). The work was carried out within the framework of the program of the V. B. Sochava Institute of Geography of the SB RAS with partial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (projects No. 0347-2016-0004 and No. 17-29- 05043\17).


Transport infrastructure, transport systems, railways, road transport, waterways, geoinformation transport mapping

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IDR: 140244071   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2019-10309

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