Development of a polymer composition to protect textile material from bio-damage

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The article presents a method for increasing the microbiological resistance of textile materials under operating conditions. Studies were conducted using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), maleic acid (MA) and a solution of silver ions (SI). This fabric was treated with an dressing composition to improve the antimicrobial properties of the textile material. In addition, research has been conducted to identify the physical and mechanical properties of samples treated with different concentrations of dressing composition, to prevent negative effects on the protection function and practicality of wear. The study revealed the most optimal concentrations of the composition components: PVA - 8 g/l, SI - 50 ml/l, MA - 5 g/l.


Composition, fabric premier standard 210, microbiological tests, antimicrobial properties, fungi

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IDR: 140256784   |   DOI: 10.48184/2304-568X-2020-3/1-43-46

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