Development of technological process of cotton cellulose production and evaluation of experimental results

Автор: Kaldybaev R. T., Eldiyar G. K., Zhenisbekova D. A., Takibyeva G. A., Makhmudova M. A., Bekzat A. B.

Журнал: Вестник Алматинского технологического университета @vestnik-atu

Рубрика: Техника и технологии

Статья в выпуске: 2 (132), 2021 года.

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In the course of this study, the technology of bleaching of cotton pulp for various purposes has been improved, which can be used in the production of cotton pulp by "Khlopoprom-Cellulose" LLP and other enterprises to increase the production efficiency and competitiveness of the products obtained. The proposed development makes it possible to obtain cellulose with a high degree of polymerization and whiteness, as well as to solve the problem of stabilization and high decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide in the technological cycle. The bleached cellulose meets the requirements of GOST (State Standard) 595-79 "Cotton cellulose" and has an average degree of whiteness of 90%, which is 5-6% higher than the samples of cotton cellulose bleached without the use of a hydrogen peroxide stabilizer.


Cotton cellulose, stabilization, hydrogen peroxide, reagents, physical and chemical properties

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IDR: 140256809   |   DOI: 10.48184/2304-568X-2021-2-43-48

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