Dominants of an effective strategic development of the Volgograd region: historical experience of “best” practices

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In the article the advantages of the dominants of an effective strategic development revealed on the basis of the analysis of the development of the public production in the Tsaritsyno County - the Stalingrad region - the Volgograd region are researched from the moment of the inclusion of the territory into the Russian Empire up to now. The authors use as a criterion of successful regional transformations the indicator of the intensity of immigration processes as it reflects a value judgment of expectations of the population about the improvement of the quality of life and building-up of the labor potential of the territory. Three periods of the population growth exist - farming, industrial and entrepreneurial and centralized and socialist ones. They have both specific and general dominants of an effective strategic development. Specific dominants comprise: at the framing stage of migratory process this is the aspiration to a personal freedom and the receipt of a land allotment, at the industrial and entrepreneurial it is the development of transport infrastructure using the mechanism of a public-private partnership, at the centralized and socialist stage it is a planned construction of new factories and plants...


Historical and logical analysis, effective strategic development, migration, region, transport infrastructure, priorities, innovations, value added, large productions

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IDR: 149131158   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.15

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