Factors influencing Vietnamese student's choice on destination for studying abroad: a case study of Russia

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The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of factors on the choice of Vietnamese students for study abroad in Russia. Research data were collected from 210 Vietnamese students currently studying in Russia through a convenient sampling method. The study used descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analysis (EFA) to answer the research questions. Research results show that 31 criteria are classified into 5 groups of factors affecting the choice of Vietnamese students to study in Russia, including (1) personal improvement, (2) images of educational institutions, (3) destination image, (4) promotional information about higher education in Russia, and (5) cost issues. Based on the results of the study, the article has proposed some important recommendations to motivate Vietnamese students to study in Russia as well as students from many different countries around the world.


Educational destination, educational tourism, choice of a destination for study abroad, higher education in Russia, study abroad, vietnamese students, international education

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IDR: 140299788   |   DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8153083

Список литературы Factors influencing Vietnamese student's choice on destination for studying abroad: a case study of Russia

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