Physical training of students overweight

Автор: Musina S.V.

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The article is devoted to the problem of excess body weight among young people of College age. As shown by studies in recent years, it really has become a problem among this category of youth, because the mass of the human body is an indicator of his health. In this article the method of optimization of body weight of young people who have it in excess, it is based on a detailed analysis of the mechanisms of hypertrophy skeletal human muscle and reduce adipose tissue. Also suggested that the most effective means of promoting increased muscle and reduced fat mass of the human body. In this case, is physical exercise. It is important that this technique has passed all stages of scientific research - from theoretical studies to experimental verification in the course of numerous and extended experiments. Instructional techniques described in this article should be considered when planning and organizing the content of both instructional and extracurricular physical education of young men and women University students.


Excess body weight, student youth, physical culture, workout program

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