Children 's team creation on a team of young football players

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The article presents the results of psycho-pedagogical study of the level and peculiarities of children 's team creation in the team of young football players. The team exists for two years, the age of football players - 12-14 years. The study was conducted using two standard questionnaires (A.N. Lutoshkin; O.S. Mikhalyuk and A.Y. Shalygo). The article provides a detailed table of the results of the individual tests of each child. On the basis of comparative analysis of results of the characteristic of peculiarities of creation of children's group is given and recommendations to the trainer are offered. Relevance of carried out research is due to necessity of psycho-pedagogical support of formation of a group in team sports which the trainer has to be engaged in, except traditional methods of sports training. The approach proposed in the article to assessment of level of formation of team of sports team will help the trainer more consciously and purposefully taking into account objective individual features of young athletes to form in them «team spirit».


Children's group, individual assessment of psychological climate in the team creation, systemic perception of the group by the individual at three levels simultaneously (individualist, pragmatic, collectivist)

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