Modification of the recipe composition of the biscuit semi-finished product

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Modification of recipes for flour confectionery products based on the use of processed products of grain crops, oil seeds, fruits, berries and vegetables containing functional food ingredients is a promising trend that determines the expansion of the range of products for functional and specialized purposes. The aim of the research is to formulate the recipe composition of a biscuit semi-finished product using flax seed flour and carrot powder, determine their rational dosage and develop a recipe for a biscuit semi-finished product with an enriched chemical composition. The expediency of using full-fat flax flour (LM) and carrot powder in the technology of biscuit semi-finished product has been studied. In order to substantiate the use of non-traditional types of raw materials, the chemical composition of the concentrators has been studied. As a prototype, the recipe for a biscuit semi-finished product was used. Full-fat flaxseed flour was used at a dosage of 10 %, 15 %, 20 % instead of the equivalent amount of dry matter of wheat flour. The rational dosage of flaxseed flour was determined in the amount of 15 % instead of part of the wheat flour. At the second stage, carrot powder at a dosage of 10; 15; 20 % was added to the recipe of a biscuit semi-finished product sample with a rational dosage of full-fat flaxseed flour with a simultaneous decrease in dry matter content of white sugar in the recipe. Research results indicate a rational dosage of 15 % LM instead of wheat flour and 15 % carrot powder instead of a part of white sugar in the biscuit semi-finished product recipe. A modified formulation of biscuit semi-finished product for functional purposes has been developed, the use of 100 g of which ensures the degree of satisfaction of the daily requirement for PUFA by 17.3 %, in ω-3 fatty acid - by 85 %, in ω-6 fatty acid - by 10,0 %, in Vitamin B2 - by 18.8 % and in phosphorus - by 21.5 %.


Biscuit semi-finished product, flax seed flour, carrot powder-shock, polyunsaturated fatty acids, nutritional value

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IDR: 147234340   |   DOI: 10.14529/food210204

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