Characteristics of pre-acrobatic exercises in rhythmic gymnastics

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The article describes the features of the use of pre-acrobatic exercises in rhythmic gymnastics. Such differences from classical acrobatic exercises as non-standard starting and ending positions, simplified movements, performing somersaults over the shoulder, acrobatic exercises in a pose, etc. are highlighted. Due to the fact that the assessment of pre-acrobatic exercises in rhythmic gymnastics, which are represented by two large groups - «difficulty of the subject» («skill») and «dynamic elements of rotation» («risks») - is objective, the study identified the distinctive features of these exercises. The rationale for this classification was the analysis of the compositions of sportswomen - finalists of the world Championship on rhythmic gymnastics (2019), which indicate the preference group element «skill».


Pre-acrobatic exercises, rhythmic gymnastics, technical training, evaluation criteria

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