Ideological identity and the role of the vocational education system in its reboot

Автор: Barkova Valentina Vasilievna, Mamylina Natalya Vladimirovna, Semchenko Anton Alexandrovich

Журнал: Инновационное развитие профессионального образования @journal-chirpo

Рубрика: Стратегия развития профессионального образования

Статья в выпуске: 3 (35), 2022 года.

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The article analyzes the philosophical foundations of ideological identity and the role of the vocational education system in promoting this thought-active phenomenon into the public consciousness. The study of the dialectics of ideological identity is an urgent task in the field of vocational education. On the basis of a theoretical analysis, the authors prove that for the effective formation of an ideological identity, the system of vocational education must be based on an ideology that is adequate to modern realities. The authors substantiate the idea that the ideology of education should be considered as the basis for the implementation of the society of the values of educational culture in order to organize such conditions under which the content of these values will be immanently comprehended by the educational system itself at all its levels and, with scientific support, officiallyized into an identity ideology capable of serve as the basis for a new ideological identity of Russians.


Identification, ideological identity, educational environment, educational ideology

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