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International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing (IJEM) is a peer reviewed journal in the field of engineering and manufacturing. The journal is published 6 issues per year, and all papers will be blind reviewed. Accepted papers will be available on line (free access) and in printed version. No publication fee.

IJEM is a peer reviewed journal publishing refereed, high quality original research papers in all areas of engineering and manufacturing. IJEM is also an open access product focusing on publishing conference proceedings, enabling fast dissemination so that conference delegates can publish their papers in a dedicated online issue.

IJEM has been indexed by several world class databases: Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, Open Access Articles, Scirus, CNKI, CrossRef, JournalTOCs, etc...

The journal publishes original papers in the field of engineering and manufacturing covers, but not limited to the following scope:

Electronic Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Energy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Bioinformatic Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Material Science and Technology

Physics and Engineering

Information Engineering

Management Engineering

Educational Technology

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Network Engineering

Communications Technology

Geographic Information Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Modern Design Theory and Technology

Automation and Control

Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering


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The Stability of Boolean Rules Memory Based on the Core Systems of Number-Processing

The Stability of Boolean Rules Memory Based on the Core Systems of Number-Processing

Xiuzhen Wang, Weiquan Gu

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Activation of how and where arithmetic operations are displayed in the brain has been observed in various number-processing tasks. However, it remains poorly understood whether stabilized memory of Boolean rules are associated with background knowledge. The present study reviewed behavioral and imaging evidence demonstrating that Boolean problem-solving abilities depend on the core systems of number-processing. The core systems account for a mathematical cultural background, and serve as the foundation for sophisticated mathematical knowledge. The Ebbinghaus paradigm was used to investigate learning-induced changes by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in a retrieval task of Boolean rules.


Multiple-address Technique of Satellite Communication

Multiple-address Technique of Satellite Communication

Weijun Yu, Xianyi Qian

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In this paper, we have studied the operation modes of satellite communication system. They include that signal transmission mode, signal processing mode and signal exchanging mode. We have especially studied the multiplex mode, modulation mode, coding mode, multiple-address connection, and channel distribution and exchanging system. All we have studied are important to the satellite communication station’s changing and signal processing.


Operational Risk Research on Social Pooling Fund Under Diseases Score Settlement System

Operational Risk Research on Social Pooling Fund Under Diseases Score Settlement System

Zhang Kaijin, Wang Min

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Objectives: To find out the inner outer risks and its influence on social pooling fund under diseases score settlement (DSS).Methods: To Use step multiple linear regression analysis, the risk factors of the fund have been screened out. The selected risk factors have been taken into BP artificial neural network (BPANN). Results: In 12,724 insured inpatients, chronic diseases accounted for 24.89%.The average medical expense per inpatient was 11,950.88RMB and per hospitalization expenditure of social pooling fund was 7,665.81RMB. The 10 variables such as age, sex, unit type, hospital level, individual pays,medicine fee, medical fee, operation fee, nurse expense, bed fee and other expense were statistically significant. Conclusion: The growing aging population, changes in disease spectrum, increasing medical costs are all risks of non-controllable running outside the system. Moral hazard and the defective design of the system belong to the system controllable risks. The results from BPANN were compatible with multiple linear regression analysis. The payment system plays an important role in health insurance [1]. Good payment can control the hospitalization expenditures in a reasonable scope, while an imperfect one can throw a monkey-wrench into the system.The diseases score settlement (DSS) is payment system of Huai’an in China. This article develops two simple models (step multiple linear regression analysis and back-propagation artificial neural network(BPANN)) to illustrate the risks both inside and outside DSS and explore the risk control function of DSS. BPANN are the most widely used networks and are considered to be the workhorse of ANNs because of its simplicity and its power to extract useful information from samples [2].Due to its strong learning ability and generalization capability, BP networks have been successfully used in forecasting some financial problems, for example, predicting stock market returns [3], loan risk warning [4] and forecasting bankruptcy firms [5].


Database Design of a General Data Analysis System of Commodity Sales Information

Database Design of a General Data Analysis System of Commodity Sales Information

Wang Guan, Wang Xiaolu

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A data analysis system for the general commodity sales information is researched on and further designed. The key problems of designing this system are that, it should enable the system to adjust to user-data with different structures, enable users to define or change data structures as well as retrieval methods. Through the research on the general structure and retrieval method of the commodity sales data, the system realizes users' customization of the database, thus is applicable to sales data with different structures. This paper focuses on the structure of the database, the creation method and process of the database by the user, the structure of the data dictionary and data exchange between database and software, with case examples in the final illustration.


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