Institutes of development in strategic planning of spatial structure of the Russian economy

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The article underlines the necessity of a targeted use of different types of “development institutes” as the tools of the federal politics of the regional development and the regulation of the spatial structure of the Russian economy. Different types of development institutes of both federal and regional levels together with their specific (innovative) functions are expected to play the role of the instrument of provision of the social and economic development of the territory of its localization. However this function of the institutes of development of the federal level has been carried out unsatisfactorily so far. Firstly there exists a considerable diversity of the institutes but there is no precise idea of their specialization on specific goals of the sectoral and spatial development and the principles of their territorial localization are not determined. Secondly there is no coordination concerning the placement and organization of the activity of these institutes of development together with other tools of the federal policy of regional development...


Strategic planning, regional development policy, development institutions, typology of regions, state programs, intergovernmental fiscal relations

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IDR: 149131170   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.8

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