Interactive technologies in public catering

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Public catering services in most regions of the country show growth dynamics, quickly adapt to crisis phenomena, occupy a stable share in the gross regional products of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The advantages of economic agents are largely due to the introduction of innovative interactive technologies that contribute to the implementation of a new approach in interaction with consumers of various price segments. Taking into account the prevalence of this type of activity and the importance of services for the population, the directions of modernization of service technologies are becoming an important factor of stability and competitiveness in regional markets. The article is focused on the interactive and innovative technologies in the service market, namely in the field of public catering. The purpose of the article is to evaluate and analyze the features of the use of various interactive technologies in the field of nutrition as a factor in improving the efficiency of services of specialized enterprises. Research methods are analysis, description, systematization. The author considers in detail main trends of the service economy caused by scientific and technological progress and crisis phenomena in the global economy. The article characterizes the interactivity as a concept of service and interaction with consumers of public catering services. The author determines promising directions of the introduction of interactive technologies in the field of nutrition in various types of enterprises, depending on the specialization.


Food services, service economy, service and production processes, interactive technologies, innovations

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IDR: 140261918   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-5-168-179

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