Research of paleoanthropological remains in the context of an archaeological site: modern stage

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Paleoanthropological remains from archaeological sites are traditionally examined by physical anthropologists, therefore, there are close links between these two scientific disciplines. The area of their interaction has remained unchanged whereas both theoretical and methodological principles and possibilities of archaeology and paleoanthropology have changed drastically. Concepts of anthropogenesis, ethnos and race have been going through crises for years and even decades. Revolutionary changes are related to development of paleogenomic studies and the bioarchaeological area of research. The paper contains description of specific features of studying paleoanthropological remnants in the context of an archaeological site. In accordance with historical objectives, both individual reconstructions of ancient people's lifestyle and recreation of group and paleopopulation characteristics have scientific value. In terms of objectives and methods, such cross-disciplinary studies do not come down to physical anthropology. The area of research that examines the cultural environment as the factor influencing human biological characteristics has different names in various traditions. Some common terms include «bioarchaeology» and «historical ecology of people».


Paleoanthropological remains, modern archaeology, paleogenomics, bioarchaeological approach, historical ecology of people

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IDR: 143176001   |   DOI: 10.25681/IARAS.0130-2620.262.129-141

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