Studying the properties of quark products with components of plant origin

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The technology of curd product with the addition of pine nuts and honey (pine nuts and fructose). It is necessary to examine the fatty acid and vitamin composition of cottage cheese products, as well as conduct research component of the antioxidant properties of vegetable origin. Composition pine nuts unique. High oil is 63.9% of the core. When making pine nuts in curd product is enriched with the latest oil. The main difference vegetable fat (oil) of the animal - higher content of unsaturated fatty acids. They cannot be formed in the human body and must be ingested with food. Held production curd cottage cheese product based on different mass fraction of fat. The relation of animal and vegetable oils in samples of cheese products: № 1 - 0.15: 1, № 2 - 1.3: 1, № 3 - 2.32: 1. The optimum ratio of animal and vegetable fats in the diet of modern man - 70: 30, that is, the total number of entering the body fat (100-105 grams per day) of animal fats should be 70-75 g and vegetable - 30 g. Closest to the recommended norm ratio of animal and vegetable fats was the sample № 2. Sample number 1 and 3 - further enriched vegetable fats, which also has a positive effect on curd products. Found an increase in the mass fraction of fat-soluble vitamins. The amount of vitamin E in the curd product increased 6 times in comparison with the cheese without additives. Studied the antioxidant properties of pine nuts. Determined the antioxidant activity of 3.92 mg / dm 3. Found that cheese product is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and a polynomial-saturated fatty acids.


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