Study of the effect of mixed alkoxides oxypropylated aromatic secondary amines on the structure of diene polymers

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This article discusses the relationship structure of the diene and styrene-butadiene copolymers (SBR), the structure of the part of the initiating system of n-butyl lithium + modifier, which is a mixed alkoxide of an alkali and alkaline earth metals, which allows to control the microstructure of the diene polymer and its molecular weight characteristics. Alcohol derivatives selected high-boiling alcohols tetra (hydroxypropyl) ethylenediamine (lapromol - 294) and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (TGFS). The scheme of obtaining styrene-butadiene random copolymers (SBR) with a high content (64 ± 4 %) of vinyl units was developed. The process of copolymerization with sodium-calcium-lithium complex Са(С 4Н 9) 2 • С 4Н 9Na • LiOR was carried out. After water decontamination residues deactivated complex remain in the polymer as a filler. Studied the copolymerization of butadiene with styrene in the presence of lithium amide, which is obtained on the basis of the alcohols containing the group - NH -. With the increasing solubility of the branching alkoxides increases in hydrocarbon solvents. Found that sodium alkoxide hydroxypropyl aniline decane insoluble, the sodium alcoholate hydroxypropyl toluidine soluble in decane. The results of studies of the effect of mixed alkoxides oxypropylated aromatic secondary amines on the structure of diene polymers. The Providing the necessary initiation systems for preparing functionalized polymers. It was revealed that secondary amines from which the lithium amides are inactive, so the polymerization of monomers was carried out in the presence of electron as that used glycol ethers - diglyme, THF, 2,2 - ditetragidrofurfuril propane, which increase polymer-filler interaction. The results of research of the microstructure of the diene part of SBR obtained in the mixed alkali metal alkoxide with a mixture of lapromol alcohols, toluidine and TGFS showed that increasing toluidine consisting of mixed modifier reduces the amount of 1,2-polybutadiene and increases the amount of 1,4-trans units. This regulation allows the development of the microstructure of SBR tread rubber for the tire industry with a high complex consumer properties.


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