Efficiency of complex application of breathing exercises in the development process of endurance of biathlonists

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In accordance with the requirements of a competitive activity, one of the main tasks solved in the process of biathlonists' preparation is functional capacity improvement and expansion of athletes' adaptive reserves. The solution of this task is, first of all, due to the peculiarities of biathlonists' competitive activity, which is characterized by high mental and physical tension. One of the ways to increase the functional capabilities of the biathlonists' body is the use of breathing exercises in the training process, which have great potential for the development of endurance and have a wide range of effects on the athletes' body. In the process of studying the indicators of the biathlonists' respiratory system the «Spirolab III» device has been used, the testing of body reserves has been conducted with the help of the «Istoky Zdorovia» hardware and software complex, where the level of functional and adaptive reserves of their body has been evaluated. The studies have shown that the complex use of breathing exercises contributed to the gradual adaptation of the biathlonists' body to loads of different power from stage to stage by expanding the range of the used tools, increasing the capacity of the cardiorespiratory system of the body and the development of endurance...


Training, biathlonists, endurance development, breathing exercises

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