Economic and social differences in the regions of Northwest federal district: analysis, assessment, solutions

Автор: Kataev Evgeniy Nikolaevich, Pogodina Elena Aleksandrovna

Журнал: Вестник Волгоградского государственного университета. Экономика @ges-jvolsu

Рубрика: Региональная экономика

Статья в выпуске: 4 (27), 2014 года.

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This paper contains the research on differentiation of economic and social development in the regions of Northwest Federal District in 2000-2012. This study is important due to the fact that this problem in Russia has not yet been solved, and the constantly changing situation in economy and social sphere makes it necessary to monitor the level of interregional differentiation. The study of interregional disparities, in particular, within a separate federal district - the Northwest Federal District - will allow tracing the trend of alterations in this sphere and identifying the opportunities for its solution. On the basis of statistical data on a number of economic and social indicators, the authors analyze the level and depth of interregional differentiation of the Northwest Federal District, in particular, on the basis of the calculation of the differentiation coefficient by each of the indicators. In addition, the authors calculate the composite index of socio-economic development of the regions, which helps to assess the level of economic and social inequality of regions. On the basis of the analysis results, the regions are classified by the level of socio-economic development, and the prospects of regional development are assessed. The authors suggest a number of measures that can have an effective impact on the development of the situation and can solve the problem of excessive differentiation of regions. These measures may be used in the process of implementation of state regional


Regional economy, social sphere, development, differentiation, regions, northwest federal district

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IDR: 14971017   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2014.4.4

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