To the question of the advantages of reverse training in the physical training of students of the military training center

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In recent years, total digitalization has challenged the traditional learning model. One of the priorities in Russia is to improve the quality of education based on information technology. At the same time, the issue of increasing the level of physical fitness of students studying in military accounting specialties is very acute. In this regard, the issue of modernization of the training process in the discipline “Physical training” in terms of its organization is relevant. In the current conditions, the model of reverse learning is becoming more and more attractive. it is reverse training and its advantages, which will be discussed in the article, that will bring the quality of training of students of the Military Training Center in the discipline “Physical training” to a new level.


Reverse training, student, teacher, organization of training, quality of education, physical training

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IDR: 148324432   |   DOI: 10.18137/RNU.V925X.22.02.P.027

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