Coping strategies of an individual when adapting to stress

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Introduction. The revision considers the concept of coping with regard to psychological aspects of well-being and effectiveness in difficult stressful life situations according to H. Salye. The aim is to specify the boundaries of coping strategies within the measures to preserve health and success of law enforcement officers. Маterials ans Discussion. Criteria of coping strategies vary in different approaches (psychological defences, cognitive dissonance, psychocorrection) due to the level of their comprehension, arbitrariness and emotional regulation. The paper comprises comparative characteristics of assessment methods developed by the founders of coping as a coping strategy – R. Lazarus and S. Folkman and other authors. Conclusions. The effectiveness of coping depends on the variety of strategic options for solving difficult life situations and many other factors.


Coping, problem situations, coping strategies, stress, protective mechanisms, cognitive dissonance, effective performance, law enforcement officers

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IDR: 149126063   |   DOI: 10.24412/1999-6241-2021-1-84-41-47

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