Location based Energy Efficient Scheme for Maximizing Routing Capability of AODV Protocol in MANET

Автор: Sudhir Goswami, Chetan Agrawal, Anurag Jain

Журнал: International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT) @ijwmt

Статья в выпуске: 3 Vol.5, 2015 года.

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Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) are forming a dynamic topology by that the nodes are continuously change their location and also the nodes functioning is dependent on the limited battery capacity that is called energy. The dynamic behavior of network connection is not maintained for long time. All nodes in network are energy dependent and efficient energy utilization is one of the important criteria in MANET. In this paper we proposed a new location based energy efficient scheme with AODV protocol. In this scheme energy dependent nodes are improving the routing capability of AODV protocol on the basis of location based protocol LAR (Location Aided Routing protocol). In network nodes are not aware about their energy status and also recur flooding of routing packets are consumes more energy in network by that the most of the energy is wasted in connection establishment. LAR protocol reduces that possibility of destination finding by maintain the record of location of each node in network respect to other nodes. It implies that every node in network is maintaining the record of other nodes (participating in routing procedure) with their current location and speed. If the nodes in network are know about the energy status and also about the status of location of receiver that reduces the energy consumption. The main aim of proposed scheme is to enhance the energy utilization in network. The performance of normal AODV, AODV with LAR and AODV with LAR and Energy is illustrate here and observe that the LAR protocol reduces the energy consumption and prolog the network lifetime that completely depend on the energy of mobile nodes.


AODV, LAR, Energy, Routing, MANET

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