Lyophobic sols «БЕТОПРЕСС»® as additives to chemical admixtures into concrete

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The article presents an innovative approach to enhancing cement concrete, bordering on a scientific breakthrough, and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. The core concept is the integration of a reactive agent with a chemical fluid to augment the material and endow it with novel characteristics. The technique, as suggested by the author, involves utilizing lyophobic sols that they have formulated as admixtures, combined with aqueous solutions of chemical additives produced by Russian companies. Due to the inclusion of these Nanostructured sols in the chemical additives, heavy cement concrete treated in this manner shows remarkable resilience. It remains unaffected by repeated freeze-thaw cycles, even when immersed in saline or mineral-rich waters. Furthermore, this advanced concrete does not demand any special measures for protection, maintenance, or repair, nor does it require additional waterproofing.


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